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It's simple: ever been to a kink meme? Not so very different (aside from the glaringly obvious: this is not a kink meme. One is coming, though. Oh, one is coming). Let's go through this in FAQ form!

Do I have to read these?
Yes. It would be very much appreciated. It's all common sense, really.
What do I have to do?
Leave a comment containing the following: pairing, maximum rating (example, if you don't want anything past kissing, say PG), and prompt (anything: a word, a phrase, a song, et cetera). Only one request per comment - and please no comment flooding. Not to be rude, but any comments missing one or more of the aforementioned will be deleted.
Are any pairings not allowed?
Just canon ones! That means: Edward/Bella, Jacob/Bella, Jasper/Alice, Emmett/Rosalie, Carlisle/Esme, you know the drill. Het, slash and femmeslash is welcome!
Do I have to be anonymous?
Nope! That's entirely at your discretion. If you want to make a request or fulfill a request anonymously, you're free to do so! IP logging is off.
If I make a request, do I have to fulfill one?
There's no martial law saying you have to do anything, but it is certainly decent and courteous to fulfill roughly as many requests as you make. Please try!
The request I wanted to fill has already been filled! D: What I do?
You can still write for it! There's no limit to how many people can write for any one request!
Hey, bitch! Someone wants Carlisle/Jasper and I think that's sick! Can I start some drama?
No. No, you may not. All drama will be strictly dealt with. Don't like something? Don't read it. Live and let live! Willful blindness! Common courtesy! Live by these and we'll all prosper!
Are crossovers generally discouraged?
Yes, they are - unless you're astrangerenters and you're just too damn clever for me. <3 [this rule was added after jamie's request]
Is it a-okay to write drabbles to our own requests after they've been initially fulfilled?
That is beyond A-okay! That is B-okay! That is A to Z-okay! Go ahead! [thanks to morlockiness for the question]
Can I pimp this on my journal/community/forehead?
Yes! Please do!
Is that all?
Yup! What are you looking at me for? Get started!

pairing [prompt] max rating

Unfulfilled Requests
Emmett/Bella [temper, temper] NC-17
Edward/Rosalie [holding onto things that were already broken] NC-17
Sam/Leah/Jacob [i reject your reality and replace it with my own] NC-17
Sam/Leah [did i make it that easy to walk right in and out of my life?] NC-17

Jacob/Tanya or Edward/Tanya ["i'll show you how it's done."] NC-17
Edward/Bella/Carlisle [this is a warning: when you start the day just to close the curtains, you're thinking about what you've given up] NC-17

Edward/Seth [it's hard to keep this sort of thing a secret] R
Jasper/Garett [brothers in arms] R
Emmett/Jasper ["do you really need me, or am i just 'convenient' to you?"]
Benjamin/Seth [if i only knew what i know now] NC-17
Edward/Seth [quit frowning; it only makes the rain pour harder] NC-17

Edward/Jasper ["y'know, this is harder than it looks."] NC-17
Carlisle/Jasper [the hush sound's "don't wake me up"; pretty sights and chandelier skies] NC-17
Mike/Edward [i'm failing sex ed. tutor me?] NC-17

Tanya/Rosalie [holding onto things that were already broken] NC-17

Fulfilled Requests
Jasper/Bella [alice and edward stumble upon jasper and bella in a compromising position] R
Jasper/Rosalie ["my friend, i'm lonely too"] R
Jasper/Bella [together we'll survive] R
Jacob/Leah [i've got blood in my mouth 'cause i've been biting my tongue all week] R
Sam/Leah [some things can't be erased easily] R

Edward/Leah [just because i am losing doesn't mean i've lost] R
Jared/Leah [i do this just to spite you and prove to you she's not that great] R
Jacob/Jessica [caught off guard] NC-17
James/Bella [a transformation] NC-17
Edward/Angela [reading between the lines] PG-13

Carlisle/Irina [you simply haven't lived long enough to understand hate] R/NC-17
Jasper/Bella [what a beautiful mess this is] R
Emmett/Bella [the reflection of a campfire in someone's eyes] PG
Jacob/Rosalie [obsession] NC-17
Edward/Rosalie [poe's "spanish doll"] R

Jasper/Bella [i see you left a mark / up and down my skin / i don't know where i end / and where you begin] R
Edward/Alice [no use crying over spilt milk] R
Edward/Esme [fragile, broken things] NC-17
Edward/Rosalie [breathe] NC-17
Jasper/Bella [when it rains again, i shall come to meet you] PG-13

Jasper/Bella [you may glance back once but i saw you for a second time today. don’t let yourself fall, you deserve to sway.] R
Jacob/Angela [freedom is a dark road when you're walking it alone] NC-17
Edward/Rosalie [savage garden's "i don't know you anymore"] PG-13
Jacob/Leah [what a little red riding hood you make] PG-13
Carlisle/Tanya [franz ferdinand's "darts of pleasure"] R

Jacob/Angela [to the beat of our noisy hearts] NC-17
Sam/Rosalie [some long ago when we were taught / that for whatever kind of puzzle you got / you just stick the right formula in / a solution for every fool] R
James/Bella [make this go on forever] R
Edward/Tanya [come on baby / we ain't gonna live forever / let me show you all the things that we could do] PG-13
Jasper/Bella [i don't know why / you always seem to give me another try] NC-17

Jasper/Bella [strays don't sleep's "for blue skies"] PG-13
Jacob/Leah [childish behavior] R
Edward/Rosalie [car sex] R
Edward/Rosalie [maybe love can't exist without mortality...] NC-17
Mike/Leah [imprint] NC-17

Jasper/Bella [love is not a victory march / it's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah] R
Charlie/Esme [taxi cab] NC-17
Edward/Esme [ghosts will come in these night hours, but they're forgotten when the sun comes up] R
James/Angela [i want to hold you close / soft breasts, beating heart / as i whisper in your ear / i want to fucking tear you apart] R
James/Alice [sea wolf's "black dirt"] NC-17

Alec/Jane [bring me back a little something] R
Aro/Esme [i learned the truth] NC-17
Jacob/Leah [love is just a chemical creation] NC-17
Carlisle/Bella [carlisle is the one to change bella to a vampire] R
Edward/Leah [hell is so close and heaven's out of reach] NC-17

Jasper/Bella [come a little closer / i'm not gonna bite / c'mon, c'mon let's do it all tonight] NC-17
Emmett/Bella [we'll kill ourselves to find freedom, you'll kill yourself to find anything at all] R
Carlisle/Alice [hold on / we can make it through the fire / make a wish / i'll be there to see you smile] NC-17
James/Bella [ludo's "horror of our love"] R
Demetri/Bella [all the bad boys standing in the shadows and the good girls home with broken hearts] R

Jasper/Leah ["i'll do whatever i can to take away your pain"] R
Carlisle/Bella [the hush sound's "magnolia"] NC-17
Aro/Bella [unobtainable] NC-17
James/Alice [the stars hung upside down] NC-17
Laurent/Bella [sometimes she cheats, too] R

James/Rosalie [david usher's "black black heart"] R
Jasper/Bella [joshua radin's "what if you"] NC-17
Jasper/Bella [i saw you outside / the bathroom stalls / you were just standing there / out in the hall / you turned your eyes to me / i felt it all / i'd love you anywhere / but black leaf falls] NC-17
Carlisle/Gianna [time has run out] R
James/Bella [keep your eyes on me] NC-17

Jasper/Bella [she never wanted it to end this way - broken hearts, shattered memories; she just wanted to feel whole again] PG-13
Edward/Tanya [i don't know what i'm doing] NC-17
Edward/Rosalie [bittersweet] PG-13
Maria/Jasper [you never forget] NC-17
Carlisle/Tanya [all these roads lead to where you are] R

Jasper/Rosalie [the perfect soldier, the perfect woman] NC-17
Jacob/Alice [muse's "muscle museum"] NC-17
Aro/Alice [desire] NC-17
Edward/Tanya [so you're gone and i'm haunted, and i bet you are just fine.] NC-17
Jasper/Esme [you can't keep secrets here] NC-17

Jasper/Rosalie [we might as well be strangers] R

Edward/Seth ["i've been standing in gas, and you have been the flame"] PG-13
Jasper/Aro [i caught fire] R
Carlisle/Greg House house md crossover ["where the hell did you go to med school?"] R
Jacob/Jasper [must involve tattoos and scars] NC-17
Carlisle/Edward [journey of the sorcerer] NC-17

Carlisle/Aro [cheating] R
Emmett/Jasper [too much gambling isn't healthy] PG-13
Quil/Jacob [swimming or ocean] NC-17
Edward/Jasper [wishing only wounds the heart] NC-17
Emmett/Jasper [a constant battle for dominance] NC-17

Jacob/Emmett [muscles and blood] NC-17
Edward/Jasper [rain] NC-17
Emmett/Jasper ["just because i can..."] NC-17
Edward/James [someone finds salvation in everyone and another only pain] NC-17
Jasper/Peter [can i relate to you the way you relate to me / can you help me out with my chemistry / i don't want to be perceived the way i am] NC-17

Emmett/Jasper [you stole my heart before i could say no] NC-17
Aro/Edward [like minds] NC-17
Edward/Jasper [there's a girl i know / he loves her so / i'm not that girl] R
Carlisle/Jacob ["a whole new world" from disney's aladdin] NC-17
Quil/Seth/Embry [seth's always been the baby of the pack] R

Emmett/Sam [give me something i don't already have] NC-17
Edward/Jacob [it's always darkest before the dawn] NC-17
Edward/Jasper [do you know what your fate is / and are you trying to shake it] NC-17
Edward/Jasper [i wonder if you wanted me like i wanted you / it's a lonely truth that i can't change you / and you sure can't change me] NC-17

Rosalie/Bella [wish fulfillment] R
Rosalie/Tanya [missing pieces] R
Alice/Bella [girls night in] R
Esme/Bella [word of the day] NC-17
Rosalie/Leah [it's like walking on broken glass] R

Bella/Tanya [taking the initiative] R
Tanya/Leah [tattoo] R
Alice/Bella [little death] R
Rosalie/Leah [we live this wretched serenade / you keep me playing anyway] NC-17
Rosalie/Alice [just say goodnight and go] R

Tanya/Irina [i have a feeling that pigs might fly] R
Leah/Bella [so close to me you are so close, considering we are thousands of smiles apart] R
Rosalie/Bella [the world will never be the same, and you're to blame] NC-17
Esme/Renée [secret lovers] R
Esme/Rosalie [let me show you all the things we could do] R

Rosalie/Leah [you got wrong information] NC-17
Leah/Bella [you're alright] NC-17

Requests Made: 124
Requests Fulfilled: 112
Drabbles Written: 146!

nothing motivates like fame!

Top Requesters: morlockiness [7] & kaiwynn [6] & pexylexy [6]
Top Fulfillers: whomever [27] & kaiwynn [16]
Most Generous [ratio of drabbles to requests]: twilightscribe [14:1]

Top Het Writers: whomever [21] & twilightscribe [8] & kaiwynn [9]
Top Slash Writers: twilightscribe [4] & scribblscrabbl [4] & kaiwynn [2] & absolutely [2] & sparkism [2] & scribblscrabbl [2]
Top Femmeslash Writers: whomever [5] & kaiwynn [5] & morlockiness [5]

Most Requested Couple: Jasper Hale/Bella Swan [13]
Most Requested Het Couple: Jasper Hale/Bella Swan [13]
Most Requested Slash Couple: Emmett Cullen/Jasper Hale [4]
Most Requested Femmeslash Couple: Alice Cullen/Bella Swan & Rosalie Hale/Leah Clearwater [2] & Rosalie Hale/Bella Swan [2]

Most Requested Character: Bella Swan [32]
Most Requested Female Character: Bella Swan [32]
Most Requested Male Character: Jasper Hale [25]

100 drabbles! You guys are amazing, tireless, and impressively prolific! <3

As of August 13th, whomever has stopped tallying top requesters, fulfillers, couples, characters, et cetera. One final tally will be taken within that same week, and then the only updates made will be to the archive and the tally of drabbles themselves.

Remember that you can request more than once! It's encouraged!
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