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02 January 2011 @ 03:23 am
New decade, new start! I haven't contributed anything to this community in some time, and I don't think I will be with any haste in the future. I will still be writing and submitting on occasion, but I haven't decided where I'll move yet. One thing is for certain: when I have, there will be a link my profile, and any questions are welcome on my friends post - which you're also welcome to comment to if, god forbid, you ever enjoyed my author's notes.

Nothing will be removed; nothing will be locked; nothing already locked will be unlocked. Membership will remain open.

Be well in the new year! I hope I see some of you again - if not, thank you so much for enjoying the work I've submitted to this community. Your comments and feedback always meant, and will continue to mean, the world to me. Shine on.

21 March 2010 @ 04:00 pm
For the where_no_woman Intergalactic Woman's Day Mini Fic-a-Thon, the prompt being and we strugglin', fighting to eat. Christ I have so much headcanon for this woman there's no way I could fit it all into one story, but I sure tried!

Title: Daughter of the Occupation
Character: Imvi kol-Doval (not!Gaila)
Rating: R
Summary: She is the product of two worlds and the child of none.

daughter of the occupationCollapse )
11 August 2009 @ 03:23 pm
Filler scene for "The Dogs of War." Silly little fluff piece.

Title: The Mature Impulse
Pairing: Julian Bashir/Ezri Dax
Rating: G
Summary: Julian reneges on an agreement, or what happened between the habitat ring and Ops.

the mature impulseCollapse )