fuckpalface (whomever) wrote in pinkceptional,

community closed.

New decade, new start! I haven't contributed anything to this community in some time, and I don't think I will be with any haste in the future. I will still be writing and submitting on occasion, but I haven't decided where I'll move yet. One thing is for certain: when I have, there will be a link my profile, and any questions are welcome on my friends post - which you're also welcome to comment to if, god forbid, you ever enjoyed my author's notes.

Nothing will be removed; nothing will be locked; nothing already locked will be unlocked. Membership will remain open.

Be well in the new year! I hope I see some of you again - if not, thank you so much for enjoying the work I've submitted to this community. Your comments and feedback always meant, and will continue to mean, the world to me. Shine on.

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